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Hi, I am aiming to work as a financial services consultant with one of the big 4. I currently manage a team in a risk department in a European bank (based in Europe) and have highly sought after professional qualifications. Please could someone let me know what a reasonable salary would be for someone in my position? I have been told I would be entering at around VP/senior manager level

Is MYR 20k a month gross enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle (with no dependents) in KL?

Thanks for any info anyone can provide

It depends on your lifestyle. Income tax is 28% for the first 182 days then progressive rates apply. Living moderately you can live on RM7k per month and to a higher standard RM12-15k. COL is getting to be close to the same as in the UK. Check this out at Expatistan and Numbeo. However living "locally" on noodles etc cuts costs.

Rm20k is not a high salary for such sought after qualifications and for a position such as VP/Senior Manager. That's equivalent to a new teachers starting salary back in the UK. I'm assuming you are British or are you from somewhere else?

Yes you can easily live with that salary but bear in mind the 28% tax you will need to pay. Locals bank managers can earn Rm12k - 15k per month. A low level lawyer such as the one I use for selling properties earns a salary of around Rm6k.

Depending on where you choose to live, a studio apartment can cost anywhere from R2k to 4k per month in a central location, say in Bukit Bintang or KLCC area. If you rent an old but nice condo apartment in Bangsar with pool gym, restaurant and mini mart and with 2-3 bedrooms it might cost you Rm3.5k - 4.5k, so yes you can easily afford to live, spend and save.

Thanks both for your responses - much appreciated. I am from the UK and have around six years worth of experience out of university working in Central London. Given the local managers get around 15k monthly, 200k annually would provide a comfortable lifestyle for a single guy presumably? Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

You're a financial adviser (quite an unpopular species in KL) - why are you asking these questions as the information is widely available.......

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