I need a sponsor to get a Dubai residency visa


I am looking for someone who can help me to get 4 Dubai residency visas, one for me and the three others for my family.
Of course, we can find an arrangement with the person who help me to get the visas.

I am looking forward to hear everybody soon.

Best regards.

What help u require in this tell me i will help you


In fact, I haven't got a job yet. I am hardly looking for jobs but I can't find any.
I have saw that if a Dubai resident sponsor another person, this person can get a residency visa without a job. So it would be great if you help me to obtain 4 residency visas for Dubai. One for me and the rest for my family.

Best regards

U got wrong information, an dubai resident cannot apply for resident visa for someone else only visit visa can be applied

Oh ok.
And can you help me to obtain residency visa ? How have you done ?

Best regards

You need a job to get residency visa.

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