Hi I went on vacation out of Bahrain. I went to dubai then suddenly my employer cancelled my visa and his secretary told my friend that he blacklisted me.. I want to ask if he can black me very fast.. I am only 6 days in dubai and I cannot come back in Bahrain..

I would recommend that you first check the status of your visa :

According to LMRA it is illegal,


I received a msg from LMRA that my work visa is terminated..

It sounds like he cancelled it in the system.   A work permit can be cancelled on the basis of any of the the conditions in the link holding true.  Unfortunately, the employer can easily request cancellation by submitting a written request in the system.

You have to call LMRA and follow up with them for options.   It's not going to be easy as you are outside the country. 

Did you proceed on approved leave which you can provide evidence of?  if not, then he could have marked you absent without notification.

My suggestion is to apply for a visit visa (and that's when you will find out if you are really blacklisted), come back, get legal options through ministry of labour / LMRA and try to get your dues back from the employer.  I wouldn't hold out much hope of the employer reissuing your work permit or re-employing you.

Ok.. Thank you so much..

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