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Hello  :)

My name is Simone from Switzerland. I live near Geneva. I love Asia and decide to leave my country for Cambodia in a couple of months. I need your help for the following questions :

Health : i would like to spend time in rural areas like Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri before looking for a job in a city and it seems that malaria is present. For expat living in the country side do  you take pills every day ? Or si it possible to buy in Phnom Penh ?

Is it hard to find a job ? I have been a travel agent for many years in Switzerland but I would be opened to work as a receptionist in a hotel or NGO..
My diploma is in french so probably I need to translate it in khmer ?

What about living near Kompong Cham and country side ? Do some of you live outside of Pnom Penh or major cities ? Your feedback ?

Is the ordinary visa available upon  arrival at the airport ?

An if you have any other information and advice please do not hesitate...

Many thanks  :)

Hello Simone.

There is some malaria risk in rural areas and there is a resistance against certain medicines, Recommended is Doxycycline. I have it at home but in 11 years never needed it, even never seen a single malaria case, neither in Thailand nor in Cambodia.

Recommended is an injection against typhoid, when visiting rural areas. Hepatitis B is also recommended.

Visa on arrival at an international airport, Ordinary visa costs $35, don't forget to bring a passport photo. Your passport has to be valid for 6 months after expiration of your visa.

Jobs is a matter of searching and applying. You can extend your Ordinary [E] visa for 6 months without any documentation, apply for the EG [general] extension, which is meant for people seeking a job. If after 6 months you haven't found a job, you have to leave the country [but can comeback]. If you have found a job you need to get a business extension [EB], for that a letter from the employer with an official stamp is required. EB extensions can be for a year, multiple entries. Later you have to apply for a work permit, can be done on line.

Living in the provinces is nice, quiet but has restrictions. Forget about Kandal as a huge new airport is planned there. Kampong cham is ok but realize as the name mentions it is populated by Cham people, a Muslim minority. Takeo and Kampong speu are not very far from Phnom Penh.
It is best to come over and travel in those provinces, to get a good idea of living conditions and transportation to the capital.

Hope this gives you the first answers for your planned stay. Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

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