Buying a House In Isaan

When you contract to buy a house in Isaan how long is it to settlement and you can move in?

Hi, im Terry, 15 years ago i bought a condo in Jomtien,  i viewed it on a monday, transferred funds on a tuesday , set up a limited company in the local land office and signed all documents on a wednesday and got the keys that afternoon and moved in .  All very straight forward .

Rejoice, is right about building a safety net for yourself, my wife bakes cakes for everyone, from housekeeping to security guards to the business office, everyone Loves us, and takes care of us and our condo when we are out of the country. We give 20 baht to the Home Pro security guards, and we always get VIP service & parking from them, we also buy Thai food to give away. A little kindness goes a long ways. When we go to immigration we also take cake, and they remember us, give us better service. It doesn’t kill you to give a little bit back to make people happy too.

Settlement on house purchase will depend on what buyer and seller agree.  As Terry said it can be done in a few days if both parties are ready.  In my case I waited month and a half because owner was out of the country and I had to wait for his return.

Before making any type of payment always check chanote at the land office to make sure you are dealing with owner and chanote is free of emcumbrance's.  I would make no deposits and full payment is made at land office once fee's and taxes are paid and official says all is in order for transfer of ownership.

Straydog is right, i should of mentioned that all searches are done by the lawyer in the land office for loans /debts , encumbances etc against the property , also may i add when i sold it again a year ago the sale was completed in the same way . Straight forward and no issues.

Cakes and tips seems like a great strategy - and economical to boot!

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