Left Oman without visa cancel

I'm Mohammad , I have left oman on 03-09-2015, for long leave for without visa cancel , than after that I couldn't make it back to oman.

Now I got offer from oman , I just want to know I'm still in ban period or not,
if yes how long still I have to stay out side of Oman.

Your comments and suggestions will highly appreciated. Thanks

Same question how long or who's the right person to talk and deal with it.

To the above two posts :

The only and fool-proof way by which you can find out if you are eligible or not for getting an employment visa, is when your new employer files your application for the same.

There is absolutely no other way by which you can find out the status of your eligibility except by checking the same with the PRO of the new company who would be submitting the employment visa request.

I see, my question is what about If I go for a tourist in Oman after 2 years ban how do I know if it is safe to enter to the country due having ran away

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Hi mrimaster,

If there are no registered criminal or any police cases pending against your name, or if there is no 'look-out notice' being issued for you, you will face no problems going as a tourist.

If there is any such history on you with the authorities, then it would show up even before your tourist visa gets issued.

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