Extended Visit

Off to Belize for a month this summer ... that's when we have time off. Our plan is to find up to four areas to stay for up to a week each.... south and central Belize. Not interested in Belize City or Ambergris Cay... too touristy for us.

We want to explore ... using these places as a base. We hope to get a sense of where we might buy vacation property and retire in a few years. We want to meet people ... locals, and expats. Shop in the markets, cook our meals and frequent local restaurants and pubs ... no clubs. We want to check out local schools, churches and businesses. We are moderately active people so some beach time and touristy activities are good too.

We are exploring VRBO, flights and have made enquiries about car rentals. So now general advice is welcome ...  but mostly we are looking for recommendations. We are not foolhardy, risktakers ... so looking for relatively safe places.

So far we are leaning towards San Ignacio and Dangriga. We hope to find out more about the Garifundy (So???) People and their culture too.

So let us know where we should go ...

You might also check out areas around Hopkins & Placencia. I'm personally not a huge Dangriga fan but that's just personal bias.

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