Moving abroad

Hi folks I live in Northern Ireland have been thinking of moving to Gaza for the past few years if anyone can help me or give me advice that would be great.


Gaza in Israel?  Sounds risky to me. Last I read on aljazeera they will be out of fuel in a few days.

There has got to be a heap of better places to move to.
A bit of research will tell you the problems in Gaza.

Yes Gaza in Israel

I no it sounds crazy but it's just something I have wanted to do.

Hi kevin,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

go to Dahab Egypt it's affordable your close to the Taba border and cross into Israel & visit.  But take care as Gaza is run more like a prison and not a state.  I think we all feel their pain. You writing a book?

Hello, I'm going to emigrate. Please help me to be able to get a residence permit and how to stay.

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