Getting Married with an expired Visa

My Visa (180) days is about to expire
I am planning to marry my Brazilian girlfriend but the date wont be set before my visa expires
Are we still able to get married if I overstay my tourist Visa?

If your fianceé's family knows a lawyer, talk to that person.  Chances are that s/he will be able to work things out with the Federal Police to let you stay,  especially if you act before you've actually overstayed.
Alternatively, you could try getting married in a cartório ASAP, have her register you as her husband, and have the big church wedding at your convenience.

Thank you very much
I will try that
But the cartorio will take around 2 months to set a date for the visa expires in a few weeks
Any ideas?

Do an impromptu "private" church wedding by a catholic priest... Just donate to the church... I´m sure your girlfriend can arrange that.


The Church can't gin up a "Casamento Religioso com Efeito Civil" on an "impromptu" basis, donation or not, and it's the "Efeito Civil" that they need right now, based on the facts provided.

There is a "casamento religioso com efeito civil!"
Here´s the procedure:
1. Go to the cartorio and make an entry. There´s a 20 day waiting period for the habilitação de
2. You will then be given the habilitação to be signed by the priest.
3. You should bring the paperwork to be signed by the priest doing the ceremony
    and returned to the cartorio after the wedding.
4. The effective date on the certificate of marriage will be on the date the ceremony
    was performed. No need to go back and perform the ceremony again.
5. The certificate could be issued within 15 days normally. … civil.html

Hurry up and inform at the nearest cartório brumasbest! Good luck!



The donation was for a "private" ceremony with a Catholic priest without the audience during a mass. They could also marry first religiously and register with a clerk authorized at "Registro Civil" to have the "efeito civil" within a 90-day period.


The only reason I suggested a civil marriage was to facilitate a change of status for him.  I still think working with a lawyer would be the first choice, and let the wedding happen when it normally would.
I don't see that bringing the Church in now will save them any time over the Cartório alone, but what it WILL do is foreclose the possibility of the bride and her family having the kind of wedding they may have in mind.

Well, if he has the funds to hire a lawyer he
can probably do, but there's no guarantee.

I was thinking that marry fast with a priest,
and register with a civil registry . His fiancee can wait for the paperwork (certicate) if his visa already expired. OR he can pay the
overstay fine...


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