Setting up internet advice

The apartment my daughter is going to be renting in Plovdiv doesn't have internet included but the agent says it can be easily rented... She says there are 3 ISP to choose from. Does anyone have any advice on the best, give ideas on prices and how we go about this over there etc. Many thanks!

Actually there's not much difference. You can choose between Vivacom, Mtel, Telenor, Blizoo and at least 2-3 others.
All of these are good, just select the appropriate package of services.

Whenever I move somewhere new, I ask my neighbors what they are on and whether it is any good, as it usually involves the fastest/easiest installation.

Also, keep in mind a lot of local companies in Bulgaria are offering fiber at low costs, so if a good speed is important, ask around for smaller local companies instead of the bigger ones. (I'm not in Plovdiv, so I don't know the names of them). Definitely shop around, as prices can vary. My mother-in-law is paying around 50lev a month for a slow internet and tv package (through vivacom) whereas we're paying 30lev a month for a high-speed fiber connection and television package because we went with a smaller, local company.

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