Big and Tall Clothing

Can anyone possibly help me find a store that offers larger size mens clothing?  I am a size 40/42 in the states on pants and I absolutely can't find any stores here that sell my size.

All the plus size clothing I find is for women and most of the mens clothes are slim fit or extra slim fit.

I usually get trousers from Marks and Spencer and/or C&A, which are in some of the malls (Mega Mall in east Bucharest, for example). They have a variety of fits and usually have up to 44 inch waists (that's UK size, I assume it's the same at the US size).

A size comparison chart(s) > … ns-3892230

Thanks for your suggestions!  I believe I have found some good stuff at C&A but haven't tried M&S yet.  Thank you for the suggestions!

Just as an update I found another really nice place in AFI Palace Cotroceni.  Peek & Cloppenburg.  It can be pricey but they have many very nice brands that fit very well especially if your a bigger guy looking for a suit.

I wish I was that skinny. I'm thinking my option is to put all the local second hand shops on notice of my waist size.

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