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What is the average salary for an assistant professor in Kuwait? My job offer does not cover the tuition assistance for kids and offer only government schooling. My kids speak only English and we would like them to attend American school as they are attending private school even in the US. I would appreciate your comments with regard to the government schools in Kuwait.

Hello, I am not sure about the salary but it would be wise to try to negotiate children's education in your contract. Private schools are fairly expensive in Kuwait and government schools are all Arabic.  And as far as I know you won't be able to send your kids to government schools anyway (anyone, correct me if I am wrong!). There are lots of private American and British Schools here.  Most you can look up online and check fees.

Thank you for your reply.
This was my concern as my children do not speak Arabic and my employer offers only government schooling, per HR communication.
How expensive are American schools in Kuwait?

To say they are expensive is an understatement. Here is a nice overview of the school fees for 2017: … -2017.html

It is pretty common for employers to pay for a foreign hire's children's education, maybe renegotiate? We are from Canada, there's no way my children would have been okay in the government schools. There are bilingual schools here, and even those are pretty much Arabic. You will have to stick with the American schools. The most expensive one, American United School is about KD 5000 per year for primary grades and prices go up as grade levels go up.  Private schools are a big business here! Best of luck.

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