Looking for job as Professional Carpenter

i am a german professional carpenter and cabinet maker. i have a lot of experience with furniture and i am a professional in measuring and fitting. i can advise and install. i also know a lot about electric and wooden floors. i have already worked in many houses in germany. there's not much i can't do. i'm living in cebu now and i'm getting married soon. i want to stay here in cebu and build up something for myself. Maybe you are interested in working together and we can make the client happy with good quality, fast and clean work together. I am looking forward to hearing from you. best regards!

hi i'm from nepal and married to filipna few months back. i'm an engineer and willing to do something of my own in cebu. i came to nepal sometime back and will come back to cebu in april most probably (+1 month). may be we can set up something. with small resources. help each other out. thanks

@Maik1977 are you ready to work for the same amount as Filipinos?  For the same quality?

es wird nicht schwierig sein genügend Arbeit zu finden. Wir mit unserer deutschen Ausbildung könnten einiges bewegen. Auch ich habe diese Erfahrung schon machen müssen. (Maschinenbautechniker, KFZ Techniker) das Problem ist nur, die Kunden dort können uns nicht bezahlen.
Auch ich bin auf der Suche nach nem Job in Cebu um hier endlich abzuhauen...Wenn du was in Erfahrung bringst lass es mich wissen....

JakyMichael :

es wird nicht schwierig

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ok sorry, didn’t know that..

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