The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Denmark


We invite you to share some information regarding the job market for expats in Denmark. This information will be incredibly helpful to anyone considering moving there, so we're very grateful for your contribution.

What are the types of jobs that are easily accessible to expats in Denmark?

What are the ones most in-demand for expats?

Which industry and/or jobs have limited workforce?

Are there any existing surveys, data, or reports done regarding this topic?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


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Thank you for writing to me. Indeed I have no idea myself because I am looking for almost any kind of job right now. I will hopefully get an admistrative CPR on wednesday so I will be legit taking a job here.
What I have heard and seen is that they are looking for painters (not the artistic type) a lot. So strong young men who are able to work 12 hours were into that.


Hej Priscilla,

I believe Denmark offer a wide panel of jobs in the diverse existing industries.

There are a lot of small & medium size companies that are looking for multi skills talented solution

oriented persons. Proven track record is sometimes a must.

In this new era of digitalization, industries are looking for partners to improve their process,

procedures and help them achieve a transition to be labelled as more environmental friendly or green


Looking at the graduates statistics in the different area of education,  health & care , the mechanical

engineering and finance are areas where there is a need for qualified personnel.

for other areas i would suggest to review

But again it is very important to learn the language, it opens doors.

hope this help.


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