Visa - Immigration Appeal Board in Malta

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I would like to know the solution for the appeal. my friend's visa was rejected in Identity Malta. But he applied in appeal board to get a month extension time to resubmit the valid paper to reconsider his visa. But unfortunately,  he cannot able to arrange the proper the document to reconsider his visa in appeal aboard. my question is, if he goes to appeal board directly and says like he unable to submit the document, what will happen on appeal board?

I think they will reject his re-consideration letter(process) in appeal aboard. if they will cancel, how long it will take to cancel his appeal process??? and when he will gets his rejection letter from appeal board??

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Please reply me as soon as possible..

Your friend is more likely to get the answer they require by contacting the appeal board or take legal advice.


My brother applied student visa in December. They rejected his visa because swedish embassy rejected his visa. He appeal to imigration appeal board but it still in process. What can we do to have result? How long it takes?

As mentioned above why not contact the immigration board?

Because there isn’t phone number on the internet:( I couldn’t find it

I don’t  know why you expect someone on here to know.

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