Schedule V card and certificate of entitlement

A huge thanks to REDMIK for all the info you give on formalities on residency and health.
I’d just like to update info on the Schedule V card & Certificate of entitlement (did it recently).
Firstly , do get your S1 document to show you’re on a pension.  Get an application for the Certificate of entitelement & schedule V from the malta Govt site.  Then go see your GP who will write down what drugs you may get free (not all are covered), if you have a pre-existing condition then specialists must be seen at Mater Dei or St James (e.g. heart condition : cardiologist) . The specialist will fill out the form with the drugs you need to have and can be got freely.
With the application form filled out by the doctor and specialists you then go to St. Luke’s entitlement Unit who take the document (s) , ask for your usual pharmacy address and give you the Certificate of entitlement and the green card for your Pharmacist.  He will then register you for the free drugs to which you are entitled.
The Schedule V card will be sent by post by St Luke’s - in the meanst you use the Cert. of entitlement.
I found the St Luke’s people very helpful and efficient!

If you live on Gozo you do not need to go to St.Lukes, just go to Gozo hospital to the modern building close to the car parks.

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