Moving dogs from USA to the Netherlands

Hi!  We're moving to the Netherlands from the USA, with two small dogs.  I'm reading bits of info here and there, but can someone post who I should contact for the official list of requirements?  I don't want to arrive and have something missing.  Thank you!

I would also love to know if anyone has and experience with a 15 pound dog in the cabin?  He's so close to being too big to fly in the cabin, but goes crazy in a crate.  He needs to be with me (even in a carrier).  I'd love any tips??

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

This link will take you to the relevant Dutch government website that contains the Information you are asking for.

Flying animals is sometimes an issue; not all airports are equipped or authorised to handle them.  My advice is to contact the airline you are going to use and speak to someone there sooner rather than later.

With regards to the carriage; there are rules issued by IATA with regards to the carriage of pets by air; this link will take you to the relevant page of their website.

Hope this helps.

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It depends on the airline as to if the dog will be allowed in the cabin, Ive always understood it that as long as the pet and their carrier fit in the footrest (which is where they are expected to stay the entire duration of the flight), you can take them, but again this depends on the airline and other factors, each airline will their own own policies. Personally, as a fellow passenger I really wouldn't want any pet in the footrest next to me for a international flight and Im very animal friendly.

You may find it easier to use a company, as they are meant to take all the hassle and fuss away, as it can be complicated and frustrating.

In addition to the links already provided, you may also find this helpful

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