Need a room to rent

Hello there everybody
I need to rent a room for approximately a year. I am an English teacher. Please respond if there are availability. Thank you

first of all you should know where to rent, istanbul is an incredible big metropol. and then you better visit housing section..

As Borraro said, you have to say where you wanna stay here in Turkey. Accordingly we could more help for rent.

Dear friends
Thank you kindly for your worthful responses. More likely, my focus is in or around Antalya, as it has such wonderful desirable climate. I was wondering whether there are any possibility of student housing in the area. Greatly appreciated your comments.
Warm regards

yeah sorry, i didnt recognise that you plan to live in antalya and you wrote into antalya forum.
anyway, drop yr ad into antalya housing section. wish you good luck and hope you can find one..

Sure, thanks for all your efforts and guidance. I make sure to follow.
best wishes

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