good day sir, i just want to know how to compute my gratuity for 2 years for my first year i got my basic salary 150 oman rial and the second year it will increase to 160 oman rial then this feb 7 my contract will be finish but my company dont want to pay for my gratuity.can you please give me an idea how to compute my gratuity.thank you

Hi Uriza,
You will get 15 days of salary each year of the first three years and one month salary from fourth year on wards. You must complete minimum 1 year to be eligible to get end of service benefit.

Assuming you leave on completion of 2nd year.... gratuity computation shall be based on your last drawn basic salary

per day salary - RO 160*12 months/365 days - RO 5.26
Gratuity for 2 years - 15 days * 2 years * RO 5.26(per day salary)
which amounts to RO 158

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