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Has anyone had any experience shipping music cd's from Bali back home?

I have been told that I can only send Balinese cd's, which makes no sense to me.

I have 300-400 (none Balinese) that I need to send back to Australia.

Any info and exporters you would recommend greatly appreciated.

'Back' implies you brought them with from from Oz.
Assuming the things are kosher (not pirate), Australian customs will probably check the bar codes, see them as from local shops and likely leave them alone.
Just check with your embassy.

Other than that, it's perfectly legal to make one copy of any CD you own for your own use so you could just bang them on a hard drive as MP3 or wav files and forget the actual discs.
I did that with my larger than average music and film collection, the originals still sitting in my mum's house in England.
Free software to convert them is easily available legally.

Thanks for that Fred.

Yes, they were all bought in Australia more than 10 years ago and taken by me to Bali back in 2007.

The problem is with Bali not Australia.

The exporter in Bali told me they are unable to send the cd's if they are not Balinese!!!!

Now that does not make sense....agree!

I wouldn't  bother with using an exporter. Try sending several packages using EMS (Speedpost) via the post office and by describing them as "Personal effects".

Other than that, check with other cargo companies such as Ritra Cargo or Internusa or Fincargo or Limajari Cargo. Limajari are owned by  french guy and might be able to work with you. They used to be in Kerobokan about 18 years ago, not sure if they are still around or still run by that french guy. Ritra Cargo are professional and have branches all over Indonesia. They used to have a branch on Sanur By-Pass and I'm sure they will either clarify the matter on whether you can send your old cd's back home. Fin Cargo (I think they changed their name slightly) were near the statue in Kuta on the By-Pass.

Seems strange that they told you that since they are personal effects and old. Would like to know how this turns out.

Personally I would just copy and forget them to save the hassle and, frankly, the music is so much more convenient as MP3 or wave files as players are so easily available and you can play them on pretty much anything from a phone to a top quality hifi.

However, it does seems odd the exporter is messing about so I would look at alternatives. It isn't as if you're doing anything wrong or pirating the things, just returning them to the country you bought them from.
Small packages with a number in each might be the way to go, or post your clothes back and carry the CDs in your case. If Oz customs stop you, just explain the situation and the bar codes should be plenty of evidence you're 100% legal but, just for safety, I'd mention your intent to the local Oz consulate.

Thanks for all that info Fred.

Will let you know how it goes.

Fred, your advice is 100% spot on.   :top:

Ubudian, did you own a gallery in Ubud some years ago?

If so, I meet you and your lovely wife back in 2007.


Hi Ned,

Yes we did.  It was called Mood Studio and located in Kedewatan (northwest of "downtown" Ubud). 

It had two 30 pounder VOC cannons on each side of the entrance...just to offer a reference if you're thinking of our old gallery. 

Thanks for your kind words! 



I moved to Bali in 2007, but as a permanent home it did not suit me.

I travelled around Asia for a number of years and now living back in Australia.

I won't use your real name here as don't want to compromise your privacy.

You also showed my ex wife and I around your almost completed, lovely  villa.

It seems Bali is certainly your permanent home.

Nice to chat with you again.

Wow! Roy, I had no idea you were so cultured. I knew you were friends with a couple of artists out there but no clue you were seriously into art.

Roy is a man of many talents...........

It appears so. I've just discovered art after not really surviving my terrible art teachers at school, a bunch that made the subject seem boring without the slightest hope of anything useful coming from it.
There you have it, effects on life of really bad teachers.
If we'd had an art teacher than knew anything about art and could teach, I'm pretty sure a lot of us would have developed a fair interest, even if we have no talent in the subject.

Thanks again Ned, and if you are ever back in the Ubud area, give us a shout and we can hook up again.   :top:

Art history is "my thing" Fred having studied it into the post grad level.  The arts and history of the China trade was my interest specialty, thus Indonesia has always fit in perfectly for me in that regard.   

Cheers gentlemen!

Sure will Roy.

Fred not too keen to put my cd's onto MP3, it really compromises frequency response and I am very fussy that way.

I also love the tangible aspect of cd's, a bit like a book on the shelf as opposed to 'kindle' or online.

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