Which one is easier to find, Furnished or Unfurnished?

Hello all, I am moving to Kuwait next month. I heard majority of apartments, flats are furnished. And finding an unfurnished accommodation is hard. is that true?
my target areas are Mangaf, Fintas, Fahaheel, and budget 400 KD/M.


Not in my experience. You should have no problem finding an unfurnished one in the area. Check Abu Fatira, it is nearby and a lot of new housing has been built, but there should be tons available in Fintas or Mangaf.

I am sure you can  find 2~3 bedrooms apartment or villa flat/floor w/ unfurnished condition within your budget in that area. In case of Abu-Fatira area, we may need to increase your budget to get same accommodation.

I was checking 3 bedroom flat with a balcony and underground parking in Abu Fatira, asking price was 400 KWD.

Thanks Guys for your replies. I am coming mid-March. I will definitely ask for more information then. in the mean time, do you suggest any particular realestate website? I d like to get a sense of what is on offer over there.

Appreciate your help

I used www.olx.com.kw to get a sense about what is available, but generally the best way to find a place is to get to a neighbourhood you are interested in and start nocking on doors. Downside is that you need  to already be here in order to do that. Word of mouth also helps. Buildings sometimes have posted signs or phone numbers if there is a place available. When you come over I can send you the phone numbers of buildings in my area.

Thanks a lot

Hi Ribosom,
It sounds like you have excellent advice on renting flats in Kuwait.
I may well be contacting you soon myself. I'm moving to Kuwait and will be looking for an unfurnished 2-bedroom flat, ideally in Salwa, but open to other suggestions.
If anyone has current information, and would like to share, I'd like to hear from you.
Thanks again,

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