Bank Account in British pounds and or Euros

Please help with the name of Banks in Panama, that we can try, to open long term savings account in British Pounds and or euros. Have been to Panama on first visit (Nov '17) with all documents to open  dollar account, very bad service from Multibank.

Panama uses the dollar so I expect your money would need to be converted to dollars. We have accounts at Scotiabank and I remember various documents, letter of recondition, etc and some time for them to get it all set up but no problems. There are many other banks here and I’m sure a google search would find them.

Thank you kristc99, 

We have done all the documents etc. with Multibank, in Panama city. The service is really crappy, we were in Panama in early November 2017, with all doc's to open an account, emailed Mr. Randall Gordon weekly, he responded, for the first time on 31 January 2018, say her lost our mails! Not good!  I am going to give Scotiabank a try, for the Sterling account.

Thank you also for your recommendation to me on Immigration Lawyers, followed it and he came in on the beginning of you long holiday to see and advise us....kudos to you...big time!

Good luck with Scotiabank. We opened our accounts in Boquete (friend of a friend works there) but do business at the nearby branch in David. They have always been super nice and professional. I’m glad Marcos is working out well for you too. He is also super nice and very professional, works very hard to make sure everything goes perfectly.

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