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Lore87one minute ago
Hi all

I just got a job offer from my company and reading the notarization process looks complicated !
I should go to a French notary for each document, then to VN consulate for translation and legalization and is all so costly and time consuming, plus embassy is in Paris !  In Vietnam would it be easier/cheaper  going with the originals to my local consulate, get certified true copy of all the certificates, then get them translated in Vietnamese by official translator and after go to Immigration department to submit the work permit request ?
I mean would the Vietnamese Immigration Department acceptthe certified true copies from the consulate even if they didn' t go through legalisation in France ?
Some of tou guys got the permit this way ?

I replied to your PM.  It all hinges on whether the French consulate will notarize true copies as the US consulate does, or declines to do so as the British recently changed their policy to.

I was advised by the Vietnamese embassies in Germany that only the embassy in the country of your degree must legalise the certificate. This is why I had to get it done in the UK, and not in Germany where I live. However, the German embassy can deal with the other papers to be legalised.

So you might need to find a solicitor in Paris who can do all the work for you. This is what I did for my degree certificate.

Hi Stefan, thanks.
Same they told me in France the Vietnam embassy, but after the French Embassy in Vietnam told me is enough to get a certified true copy by them in Vietnam, so I didn' t know. From what I understood is the same thing but if you do it in Vietnam is faster and cheaper for translation too, in your home country is much more expensive and tume consuming. That' s why I asked if any expat managed to get the original degree stamped by their embassy in Vietnam and that worked out for the work permit. 

It is starting to look more and more that the only country that has stopped notarizing documents at the Vietnam end is Britain.  As he has related, StefanR is sort of a unique case since his degree is from Britain.  Hopefully Lore87 will have no problems when she gets to Vietnam.

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