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hello my name is sayed Waqas from swat Pakistan,my girl friend from Brazil want to send me sponsorship letter but she don't know how to send me sponsorship letter from Brazil to Pakistan,please tell me by which process she send me sponsorship letter? i am waiting for your reply thanks.

Please research previous posts as that has been covered already...


This information is copied from the website of the Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad.  You should check the Embassy's website for more specific information:

Invitation Letter

The invitation letter is a document in which the host in Brazil explains the invitation made to a foreign citizen with details such as purpose of trip, length of stay, etc. The letter must contain information about both the host and the guest, including identification number (passport, ID), birthday, address, profession, contact number, etc.

This document can be written in Portuguese or English and must be notarized in Notary Public in Brazil, otherwise, it won’t be accepted by the Embassy. The invitation letter should not be posted to the Embassy, but to the guest, who will bring it to the Embassy when he/she applies for a visa.

Sample invitation letter

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that I (host’s full name, marital status, profession, nationality), holder of ID card (number of ID card), living in (full address), invite (guest’s full name, nationality, profession), holder of passport (passport number), living in (full address), to visit me from ___ to _____ (period of visit), in order to (purpose of visit).

2. During his/her stay in Brazil, (guest’s full name) will be staying in this address (full address).

3. All the visit expenses will be borne by (full name of host, guest or company, accordingly).

Best regards,

(host’s signature)

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