Looking for English spoken job in Frankfurt

Hello everybody
Recently moved to germany and specifically to Koblenz
But here are no jobs here
I have an academic background Bachelors in Business, MBA in health management  in United Kimgdom , Proficiency of English Michigan University
please help what to do I am desperate
I have sent  CV s but  no answers

What kind of help do you expect on an Internet forum?
There's lots of good advice about how to search for employers and apply for jobs, including discussions of what are the most important factors (e.g. language). Did you read the related threads?

Thanks for the reply
I have read some and I know that language is the most important factor but it costs and for the time being is difficult for that's why I am looking for English spoken job
I have a Bachelor degree in Business MBA IN HEALTH MANAGEMENT in UK
AND a great experience since I was general manager in a rehabilitation center
But because of crisis in Greece I list my job

Then why don‘t you move to UK instead, where you speak the language and got your degree?
How do you suppose to work in health care without understanding the patients? I don‘t think that is possible!

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