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i am Eshwar L B from Bangalore, Karnataka. I have a offer from Sodoso group company angola named company in luanda they offer me 1650+150 Local Allowance US dollar + accomodation
so please give me advise what will I do about joining.

Eshwar L B

Luanda is very expensive city.salary is good but salary trancefer here to India very hard.from bank last 7 month salary not transfer.so please confirm your company how they will transfer your salary in India.

Thanks for your information,

I want to know about company Sodosa group is good or not good company.

i dont know about this company.

me to bro im from erode tamilnadu have u got a visa ?? This is my number 7200781157 pls text in whatsapp

I am in Luanda too. Salary may be managed based on your lifestyle. I too have not heard about this company though I am pretty new here

ok ok

Ok thanks bro

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