How long does it take to get the iqama?


My husband got a job at a university in al Khobar. We applied for the visas here in the US and they gave him his and rejected mine and our children. I guess the rules changed in 2018 and they no longer allow families to come until the iqama has been received in Saudi.

So my husband left, and now my children and I are here, waiting for him to get the iqama.

How long can I expect to wait? When we searched online we found different numbers from several weeks to 3 months. Since he arrived, he was told it will take 3 months.

This makes things very difficult for my children and I. Has anyone applied for the iqama in Saudi THIS MONTH? Were they given a wait time?

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply.

The reason I mentioned the month and year is because I was told that there were recent changes to the way things were done starting the new year.

I doubt they submitted the iqama because he didn't have the health check there yet. I don't know if this is something that they will schedule him or if it's something he needs to schedule on his own. (He had the one in the US though.)

What is the probation period? Is this something mandatory for employers to wait?
Should he push them to submit the application now?

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