procedure for getting married in Pakistan as US national?

Hello world,

My Pakistani partner and I need information about how it is for me as a US national to get married in Pakistan. I hear there's a "single status affidavit" needed from my local county clerk and then certified b/c Pakistan isn't in the Apostille convention (right?), and then the actual travel process for me to go to Islamabad to get the nikah paperwork done but I don't know if I can get married on a tourist visa. What are your experiences? Or does anyone have information on this process? And does my US birth certificate need to be legalized by the State Department?

Thanks for any insight!

Hi Luna, I wonder if your upcoming partner can help you in this regard since you mentioned that he is Pakistani. If he is not able to help, let me know, I will find out someone who will assist you in this matter. Just mention Exact quarter of year when you have plan to marry.

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