Teaching in Colombia

Hi everyone,

I'm in Colombia doing my boots on the ground expat research for a possible relocation here.

My last job in the states was as a public school teacher working with inner city kids.
Many of my students were ESL learners from Latin America, so with that and my degree,
I hope to find a teaching position in Medellin so i can stay awhile and explore that region of Colombia.

Anyone out there in the Expat community with insights that might help me in my quest ?

All the Best in Colombia 2018 !

You can send me your C.V. so we might talk about a job opportunitty  down here in Cali, Colombia in a near future.
I will be needing around 5 native english speakers to start up a new project.
Teaching experience is not a must but it would be best, a driver's license is required as well as some knowledge on wireless classroom technology.
Some knowledge of the Spanish language would be great and helpful.
The positions available will required at least a 3 months commitment as a part or full time job.
The main duties will be:
To deliver general English and English for Academic purposes through project based learning in an unusual environment set up (you will be teaching outside of the regular classroom) , to improve linguistic skills among students and promote a greater motivation and autonomy in the acquisition of language skills.




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It is done, thank you for the advise


I previously applied to teach English for a group called Internships Colombia back in 2015. I was accepted, but due to a family emergency I could not go. I am still interested in pursuing this in 2018. I currently live in the state of Georgia in the United States, possess a B.A. in History/Education and minor in Spanish. I currently teach students and girl scouts at a historic fort in Georgia but I have been interested in teaching English in a foreign country for quite some time. I would be interested in hearing more about your proposal. If you can, email me at***

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