Future plans and dreams

My name is Daniela Costamagna. I was born in 1977 in Italy (Piedmont). I have two daugheters (Giorgia 11 and Margherita 5).
I studied at classical lyceum in Vercelli. I graduated in Medicine ad Surgery in 2002 at Turin University and I specialised in general surgery in 2008. At this moment I am working as a surgeon in the North of Italy.
I love literature. I am very  fascinating by the origin and history of languages. I speak English and a bit of Dutch. I read French, Spanish, old Greek and Latin.
I visited the Netherlands a few times during the last years and I was fascinated with land, culture and society. I think that The Netherlans is a very advanced country and I'm considering the possibility to move there as a good solution for my life and for  the future of my daughters.

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