New members of the Tunisia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Tunisia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Tunisia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi I'm Karyle, Filipino citizen. I'm currently working here in Saudi Arabia as a nurse. My contract will end June and i want to move in Tunisia to meet my friend and work as well. Im still thinking if i will apply visa for Tunisia here but the problem is i am 3 hours away from Rhiyad, the capital of Saudi and i dont know if my boss will let me travel because # 1 problem here is women can't go alone specially i am an expat, also renewal of Resident ID is needed. On the other hand, i'll just finish my contract, go home to Philippines and apply for visa.

Can someone pls advice me if you know anything how to apply visa going to Tunisia, when you are a filipino citizen like me living in Philippines. And approximately how much will i spend for the visa. Thank you!

Hello, my name is Shelli!
I am brand new to Expat and honestly know nothing! I can use all the help I can get.
A long story short...well, I will try. I am an American woman with My destination being Tunis, Tunisia, by the middle of May with my certificate from, TESOL, to teach in English to children. Upon my arrival, i will be joined by my Algerian fiance! We are excited to begin our lives together and want to get married. We have had many challanges thrown in our path to happiness, but are trying to beat not only the odds, but the stereotypical and judgemental views we have faced, and will no doubt continue to face in our relationship. So, please positive, encouraging, honest and helpful words only. Life is hard, short, and is a precious gift. There is just not enough love in the world!
Any help and advice you can give us, we would great welcome.
With the deepest of gratitude, from me an my man!!!

Enjoy the journey !

hope all goes well

Thank you so much!

wishing you all the best luck and good start in tunisia .It's a nice place to live I am sure your man told you about life in tunisia as he would know it perfectly.
all the best of luck  and you are welcome dear


My name is Beulah
I am a British by birth, but returned to the U.K. after 13 years of expat life where I  worked in a private hospital (as a none M.D. qualified and Registered Osteopath and Acupuncturist/ U.S. trained Cranial Osteopath) in a country which was culturally very similar to Tunisia.
Having visited Tunisia ,recently, and due to new on line studies, I wish to move there, and would also value some advice on resuming my osteopathic work to support my Arabic language and cyber security studies.
Obviously I can research all this on line, and speak to some doctor contacts, made during my recent visit.
I am aware that a none Tunisian cannot set up a business which could be done by a Tunisian, but I cannot find a local practising Tunisian near Hammamet...which does not mean there is not an Osteopath there.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Ahh nice story. I will be coming with my family (husband of 13 years is Tunisian and we have 4 kids) in mid July. We are returning to just have a simpler, quieter life ;) and just see what happens, a little adventurous!

Just keep an open heart and go with the flow. There will be things that are painful about leaving Home, even if you think you have every reason to leave, and then there will be beautiful things about experiencing a different culture a different land.

Good luck on your journey.

hi I moved to Hammamet in Feb to start my retirement. Some things are fustrating but on the whole love living here. Please ask me any questions you may have and I will try and answer them!! Good luck!!!

Hammamet Nice ;) I guess we have to adjust and go with the flow and not make the mistake of comparing to how things are “back home” hard not to do!

i advice u all to come sousse and monastir  they are  beautiful cities

It is on my destination list

i m living monastir now
i can help you

Yes nice but to much expensive  to rent .homes

Good morning (or afternoon/evening depending on what time of the day you read this),

I'm Jamie, a British national still residing in the United Kingdom in Brighton.

I have the good fortune to be married to a wonderful Tunisian woman (and I do know how fortunate I am).

We met and courted in Tunisia and to cut a long story short, we married in the UK.

We both work in the UK, for the National Health Service (NHS) in management roles.

Our long term plan will be to retire to Tunisia (but keeping a connection to the UK). In my retirement, I would enjoy working/assisting within an English speaking Tunisian university to assist with British/European historical studies (in English) to keep myself occupied.

In the meantime, we are receptive to serious job offers within Tunisia.

I have experience of marketing project management within the Financial and Customer Services sectors, and more recently, I have gained almost 10 years’ clinical administration and management experience within the NHS, working in secondary care settings and also more recently within a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Seeking a more senior role within health care project management or an interesting general management/operational management role in the private sector.

I am pleased to meet you all and look forward to contributing further to this esteemed site.

Best wishes,


Hello everyone :) . My name is Ramona. I'm a romanian citizen. I'm married with tunisian man and i live in Tunis since july 2017. For now i don't work but in the future i want to open a beauty salon inshallah :) it's a little hard with the language, bcs i don't speak french or arabic... i hope to learn it soon :)

What is the current cost of a visa for temporary residence and income requirements?

Visa for Where from Where? Tunisia? USA? UK? Turkey?

I'm an American who has been living in Mexico. And wish to move to Tunisia. This website is not easy to navigate or view on my phone.  Pardon my bumbling please.

Americans get 4 months in Tunisia visa free. After that they need to exit and get a new entry stamp or get a residency card. If you aren't married to a Tunisian then you need to be bringing in a certain amount of money from outside the country. I think is 10k a year but I'm not sure. I suggest you email the embassy for more information

I'm new to this forum, a single mother of five. Converted muslima, I'm living here in Tunis and came to know this forum while searching for English job.

I am in Riyadh and I am looking for a private nurse for my mother. If you are interested let me know. Salary is not a problem. We provide accommodation and food.

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Hello everyone and welcome on board.

@ Alateeq, please drop an advert in the Jobs in Tunisia section. This thread is only dedicated to the introduction of new members.

All the best,

Salamu Alaikum
My name is Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia moving to Tunisia soon InshaAllah.  I am interested in all kind of business with the focus on real estate.  If someone interested in this field or in kind of business please don't hesitate to contact me.  Great day to all of you.

dear sir I know someone who might be interested in your job offer. would you please accept my invitation.

Hi Iman
I hope you are doing well. You are most welcome to introduce your friend and feel free to contact me at any time. I will be coming to Tunisia soon and I hope to have a chance to meet you.

I am an American and will be there in September. I love ur prince and his new policies
Maby we can do business together

You need Help?

Not at all
We Americans are always well prepared
I like Saudis... I thought u might be cool
My bad

No answer needed !!!

Hello all,
I am living in Holland and i would like to move to Tunisia.

I didnt decide where i want to live.

Hello/Salaams to all the members ot this very nice forum.
A Swedish retiree/ Muslim revert, and something of a nomad, I've lived in a good number of countries, from Northern Europe {Sweden/ Norway/ Iceland/ Great Britain/} to Med countries {Spain and Portugal and Turkey} to Africa {Sudan and Tanzania and Morocco} and Central America (Nicaragua)
Now I want to settle down and retire to Tunisia. I'm hoping to make new friends here, and also to benefit from the experience and knowledge of, both Tunisians and Xpats, to history rich Carthage/Tunisia.  :cheers:

Hi everybody! I Am brand new to this site and am moving to Hammamet on September 1st from Canada. I visited Tunisia previously and have decided it is a great place for me to make a home. I'm looking to connect with others for the occasional lunch or coffee get together! Perhaps even an occasional trip to do some sight seeing in the country! xx


My name is Shelli, and I am an American citizen.  I saw your post that you are moving or have already moved to Tunisia. May I ask what you are doing for employment? I myself desire to move to the area and will be lookong for employment.  I am in the process of getting my certificate to teach English in a foreign country, but have not yet finished the course.
I will be visiting Tunis, and boyfriend will be with me, from the 9th of September until the 28th of September. I would love to know what brought you to Tunisia and what your plans for your future is in such a beautiful country.
Feel free to email me directly!

Thank you so much for reading my email and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
With the deepest gratitude,

hey  Omar, hur mar du ?  hh how are you ? I am learning swedish language. I am an English teacher from tunisia living in the capital Tunis. I lived in dubai for 5  years. I am 36 years. I like making friends from all over the world . I like swedish culture and language. I can help u with any information regarding my country.  you are most welcome.  if you are interested we can be in touch via skype and facebook.  my warm regards fom Tunis

I am an English teacher from Tunisia. I lived in dubai for 5 years . I love making friends and exchanging languages.  if you need any help please ask me and I will be happy to assist ( information about rent. tourist places etc)

Hi .im naim saaidia from tunisia a head chef in the kitchen. Have experience in Tunisia for 7 years and 2 years in Saudi Arabia in khobar. Im now in Tunisia. And i want to back to any golf country .thank u ****

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