New members of the Sweden forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Sweden forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Sweden if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hey I’m planning to go there but worries about visa and work permit.

Hi Abdulrehman, welcome on the forum.

Please carry on by creating a new topic to post your queries here :

Make sure that your post is clear and provide as much details possible on your search so that members can guide you.

All the best,

Hi, everyone! I am considering to move to some Scandinavian country or to some Scandinavian community in USA. I studied Software Engineering and basic Digital Systems. I train people to take the GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS; and, similar tests.

I would like to know more about housing, job opportunities for English speakers or anything else you might consider helpful.

Hi all!

I moved to Gothenburg with my husband in August of last year. We are enjoying the city very much. We lived in different countries before... so we are exciting to see and meet a whole new country.

I am now looking for a job after being 15 years employed in the Americas continent. I hope to be finding one in the environmental sustainability arena or companies that are very mindful and want to make an impact in that world matter. (If anyone has any tips or networking contacts, they'd be highly appreciated...  :top: )

I am excited to have joined this group and wish you all a great day!

Hi all,

I moved to Malmö for the job since the 1rst February. It's a good challenge for me to discover a new culture, new language.... but the first weeks are very positive and I'm enjoying by my  life.
I try to meet people to exchange about other experience.. so feel free to contact me!😉

Hello all,

Newbie to this forum here. I am moving to Gothenburg with my wife in second half of May. We are excited!
So far I have obtained a full time job, an immigration firm (working with my employer) has got in touch asking my details to apply for my work permit, almost signed contract for a flat.
Outstanding things - personnumer for me and my wife, bank account... err... anything else?

I am excited to join this community!  If you want to know anything else, just ask  :)

Thank you,

Hi all,

I moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, at the tail end of 2017 with my Swedish fiance. Am currently in the process of looking for a job etc. Would be keen to have a coffee with anyone in a similar situation as it has been a little tougher than expected!


Hi All,
I'm french, just arrived in Malmö for work and I should stay 6 months (maybe more). I hope to meet some people and new friends here. Beside I'm looking for an accomodation as I will have to leave the one I found at the end of may. So if someone knows about a small appartment, furnished, to rent from end of may till end of september please contact me (can be outside Malmö as I have a car). Thanks!

Hello there!

Im just new in this site. I joined here to get more information on how to visit Sweden or even moving to Sweden for good. I like to know more about the culture and the people. And I think this site is a big help for newbies like me :)

By the way, Does anyone knows a site for filing a job application in Sweden?
If so please message me. Thank you.God bless us all here :)

Hello Julien

My name is Mickael Semere I live in Stockholm I and my family want to visit Sudan, (   my wife, and my two children, ) and we need rent a flat from Jun 25 -  05 August


My name is Dimitris and I moved to Malmö 3 months ago with my wife (who is Swedish) and my little baby. I originally come from Greece but have lived for the past 11 years in London. I currently work as a management consultant in Copenhagen. I'm excited to join this community and I'm really keen to continue learning the language (I took some classes in London) so any recommendations are welcome!

I am a Gambian I got admitted in a University (SLU) in Sweden and ı need a sponsor.I really need help to further my education.

Hej ! I'm Nesya from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm here seeking for administrative work, any of U having an information about this kind of job in Stockholm ?. I got economic degree & work experiences in an IT Company and Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. I have a boyfriend in Stockholm, Sweden. I hope I can work & move to Stockholm ASAP. Please contact me through email : ***

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Hej ! I am Rafy 23 year old from Malaysia. I hope can help me on how to move to Gothenburg.

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Hey everyone! I’m Chris and am from Australia! I will be moving to Sweden in September. Please contact me if you’d like to look for a place together to live - ill be moving to Malmö :) we can help each other out!

I'm Manisha - a 27 year old from Canada. I recently moved to Sweden to work at a Wildlife Research Station. I'm not based in any large city - the biggest nearby would be Örebro.
So far I like it a lot - it's a beautiful country :) The hardest part is getting over all of the bureaucratic hurdles but they are also slowly working out. I'm excited to see more of the country and learn the language.
I'd really like to join clubs and activities to make friends and develop my hobbies. I enjoy cooking, crocheting, dancing, hiking and sports. I also don't mind trying something completely new! If anyone knows of how to get involved in these sorts of activities, I would really appreciate the advice.

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