Cost of Living in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

I am thinking of moving to San Miguel and would like to know the cost of living there. I would like to rent a small house within walking distance of the center. It seems to me however that we Americans have driven up prices to such an extent that it may be just as expensive to live there than here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I am thinking of San Miguel or surrounding area, but have you looked at the real estate listings. Real estate agencies are highway robbers anyway but the prices just for a simple 2 bdrm rental seems like New York city. I live in a small town now in a 5 bdrm 2 bath 2 story house spiral staircase laundry for $300.00 US a month and that is 2 times 2 high. doesn't look good. I am not interested in central, historic, gated just a simple clean area close to big stores and some other americans

From all I have read about San Miguel, I gather because of the wealthier expats moving there it is more expensive than a lot of places in Mexico. It seems to be a very desirable place to be.

There are other cities in Mexico than SMA and Chapala that can offer a colonial experience with lower rents. Of course if you need a large English speaking ex-pat community, you'll have to pay for it.

I live in Queretaro, not so far from San Miguel---I have heard that prices are higher in San Miguel but also in Queretaro in the past few months we have been hit hard with inflation.  The government says it is just temporary--let's hope they're right.

Because of the cost of food and travel, we have found it just as expensive as living in
low cost states in the US.  Like Florida or Delaware.   Key exceptions would be the low
price of fruit and vegetables at the markets, taxi rides; and utilities.  Regular food at the supermarkets
and specialty stores are the same price as the US.  VAT makes household items more expensive
than the US, especially the furniture.

We are renting a two bedroom two bathroom in the Centro with a lovely garden for the dogs,
no parking for $1,200.   But it is so noisy with fireworks and barking dogs, we are moving

The travel costs to the US have been a real problem to us.  Flights to Washington or NY
are between $700-900 roundtrip plus shuttle costs.  If you want to travel to beach towns in
Mexico, because of the narco violence, you have to fly.  Gone are the days we used to
drive to Ixtapa, Zijuat, or Mazatlan.This adds a considerable amount to our quarterly budget.

If you are living on a fixed income, pls make sure you factor in these costs before you decide
on SMA.


If you want to live in Centro you will pay more.  It is loud, and the Mexicans love fireworks.  It is also allot of fun. 
If you live a little further out it cuts the expenses down and it is quieter.
What I paid for property taxes back in the states covers 2 months living expenses here.
The buses go everywhere you need to go for 5 pesos ($.42).  For us it is a 10 minute walk and a 10 minute bus ride to Centro, and even though I love being down there for the parties I wouldn't want to live there.
As for overall cost, it seems to be allot less than NOB, but you have to decide what it is yo want. If you want to eat in restaurants, and have household help, keep a car, etc. it cost more.
The biggest savings I think is fresh food.  I have met people who pay as little as $300/MO rent, and you can drop 10x's that if you want.  You just need to decide what it is that you are looking for.
The best thing is to visit, and look for yourself.  Come down for a month, and look around.  It's not for everybody.  Month rentals, and hotels are easy to find.

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