New members of the Philippines forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

The topic is "New members of the Philippines forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018 ".
Why do you discuss foreign object,that is not corresponding with the particular theme ? If you want to "bla-bla-bla",open your own,another topic and discuss everything what do you want - women,eclipse,quality of food in Antarctic etc. Follow rules of the forum !

Again, generally true. But it still comes down to location. It sounds like in her case there's a good possibility that they will be provided a car and driver. So walking may not be a concern.

Good afternoon from Australia, I'm new to this forum.

I retired from the Australian Army in 2007 at 55, happily separated and divorced 4 years ago and now in a relationship with a lovely Filipina girl 37; who works at one of the international call centers in Manila.  Fortunately I was introduced to her by friends (one a Pinay married to an old Army mate) here in Australia and have good reason to believe she's a good type.   

I'm flying over to Phils in late April after holidaying in Thailand with my girlfriend; and all things going well plan to relocate to Phils in the next year or two.

I hope to glean as much info as possible from this forum, understandably at this point I'm wondering if my Australian pensions will be more than adequate for an enjoyable though conservative retiree's lifestyle there. 

I've no debt or encumbrances, and a more than reasonable bank account;  at 65 I'm drawing on the Australian aged pension and my DVA TPI pension which puts me on around 165,000  Phils pisos tax free a month. 

I don't intend to rent in Manila, and not angling for a luxurious lifestyle,  I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on where I sit for the want of a better term.

HI for 165.000Ph, you can live well more than well if you wish, it is huge amount of money here, but by now your GF would have told you that and how much they make in call centres per month, you are just fine, i wish i had that much per month haha..
You can choose whatever you like to live in Philippines, but with your GF, I think they like to be close to family, this can be a problem at times, but then again everyone is different, hope you got the good one.

samangelevski :

HI for 165.000Ph, you can live well more than well if you wish, it is huge amount of money here, but by now your GF would have told you that and how much they make in call centres per month, you are just fine, i wish i had that much per month haha..
You can choose whatever you like to live in Philippines, but with your GF, I think they like to be close to family, this can be a problem at times, but then again everyone is different, hope you got the good one.

Thanks for your reply,  naturally I've no intention to advertise my pension benefits to her or the family.
Her parents are both from Mindanao but comfortably retired in their own house outside Manila.  I'm impressed with her siblings, one brother is a Cop on Mindanao, the other a Computer programmer with her older sister a Bank teller.   It all indicates a respectable family environment (if I can use the term).

My girlfriend is happy enough to live away (but not too distant) from her family, I'm considering cooler places like Tagatay,  maybe Palawan; Baguio among others.   I only intend to rent not buy, preferably a lengthy lease if the right location and house comes up.
Any further advice on good locales for westerners is welcome.

165k should be enough to be comfortable. Just don't get into vices like gambling. And like you said, don't advertise it. You can get hounded by the kins, or worse, targeted by bad elements. Those jobs you mentioned that your girlfriend's family do pay meagerly.

Be careful..

I lived in Thailand for 2 years when I was a soldier,  reasonably experienced in the ways of Asia LOL.

I'm a moderate drinker and non-gambler, not into the local boys boozing clubs preferring to avoid cliques and over familiarity.

Philippines is not Thailand, do not forget that, I lived there too, but such a difference, people and culture, you sound like a very trusting guy, not sure if that is going to be good for you, and you sound you believe a lot in your GF, that may not be good too, brother a cop I will be worried about that one,and sister bank teller, this are low paid jobs, it is not Australia, Mindanao wow you must be extra careful there, this places is know for terrorists I wish your GF tells you about this, it is troubled place, you are my country Man, I wish you don't go there, but this is up to you.

Hello!  This is Michael Rodriguez in Vienna, VA.  I have applied for IT positions at the Asian Development Bank and hope to hear from them at some point.  I am looking into other international based organizations in Manila that are looking to hire expats.  I would love to hear any feedback/suggestions from the forum.

Thank you!

Josephine - If your husband accepts the opportunity I think you will be in for a great experience. There are many community resources to meet up with other expats and their spouses; particularly Australians.

Like any country, there are safes areas and "no-go" areas. It's a matter talking to others once you arrive and become familiar with do's and don'ts. I would suggest your husband ask the potential employer if they have some sort of "Security & Safety Awareness" briefing you can acquire prior to arrival. Such would provide the basics when it comes to Filipino customs, commuting, money, household help, crime, etc. As with visiting any foreign country it is good to be familiar with certain aspects in advance.

I have worked security in the Philippine urban and rural threat environments for a number of years (and hope to be back on ground again soon). Feel free to ask me any security or safety related questions via post or PM.

I understand Phils isn't LoS and believe me I treading carefully, no plans to drop everything and rush to live anywhere at this stage.

I'm a very non trusting guy in real life,  had more than my share of manipulating bitches and wore the pain of property settlement here in Aussie land.

No intention of visiting let alone living in Mindanao,  and yes the girlfriend has been open about the ongoing risk there.
Her Cop brother is in Mindanao, so nowhere I'll be and I've no intention of being pally with him.

I'm considering places like Tagatay, among others, certainly not Manila or anywhere in Mindanao and not before another 2 years has gone by.

Thanks for your advice, it's appreciated.

I am happy to know this, Tagatay is very nice, you will enjoy there the weather is nice, I wish i never build house where I did, but at the time I did not know to much about Philippines, and as always Wife likes close to family, any way that was that, hard to change now, but my home is Melbourne, hope one day will get back there.

I'm in SE Qld,  been separated for 4 years, property settlement finalised late 2016.  Divorce on it's way.

All said and done I didn't come out too poorly off, no kids and ex wife was a doctor so had to pay me out, not enough to cover my losses though.   My 2 now adult kids (first marriage) are doing well for themselves and don't need me around, now I'm 65 it's time for me to focus on what I need in retirement and it's certainly not here nowadays.

I prefer SE Asian women in my life, a regular live-in girlfriend would be ideal; but not to dictate where the money goes.   If it doesn't happen then I'm content to indulge in playtime when it appeals to me.

I played in Pattaya and other spots in LoS since 2014, then tired of the scene, met the current Pinay girlfriend through some good friends of mine here in Aussie.   She comes well recommended and regarded so at least that's a plus to begin with. 

I'm not blind or ignorant to the possible outcomes though, had a couple of "relationships" with Thai girls who's money agendas became obvious, and their families "farang pays"  plans.

My attitude is that I'll be living where it suits me, not the girls family; if that causes a problem with her then she's easily replaced.
No plans to marry and I certainly won't be making babies, as I had the vasectomy decades ago.

My aim is to change my lifestyle and live somewhere that doesn't drain my resources or pension;  without merely existing in a shit hole supporting a hoard of parasites.   

Up until recently Thailand was the option,  but terrain wise its generally flat and monotonous (other than north west fringes etc) and farangs aren't that welcome there.   I find the Thais a quietly arrogant people and only Buddhists by convenience, funded up tourists are welcome, residents aren't.

At least the Phils folk can speak English and public signs are readable,  it remains to be seen whether or not I finally resettle there;  before I learn more from those of you who've already traveled the path.

Sounds like a good plan, but then again all good plans don't always work out, just watch out on that, to be in control to certain degree is good, but as they say give a little take a little, works both ways, I am glad that you will make your own decision where to live and where will it suit you, again I was green at the time so my decision was based on what I was tolled by Wife and family, then I learned nothing is greener on the other side, but when I joined here i got big picture of life and people here, not only what I have seen myself but from others too, learning was great, I am not saying what they told me was wrong, but definitely not right, I do understand them they like their daughter to be close by, that is fine  but they forgot to count me in, i was bitter on that respect, but that is past and time heals everything, unlike you i have baby with my Wife here, he is beautiful little boy, he is the one who keeps me sein in here, without him I would have left long time ago, he was born in Australia, and yes I can go back any time I like, but I see grandparents he loves them more than anything in the world, he always asks for Lolo and Lola, it kind of will break my heart to move him now, i give my self and Wife 2 to 3 years more, he is 2 and  by 5 I will be back home, Schools here are not good at all, even we build house and I have rice farms to play with here, but home is home, this here is just a house to me where we live right now.

Have you ever thought of other less populated parts of the world? Central or south America for example? Even certain countries in Europe? There are plenty of other places where your money will go a long way without drastically lowering your standard of living.

We are originally from the Philippines and it's not top of my list to retire. Considerations are Merida, MX, Oaxaca, MX... A few other countries in central American. We plan to also look at other in South America. Even some places in southern Europe.

Not for me, I can fly  direct from where I am to either Thailand or Phils in under 9 hours,  which suits me even if I do go the ex-pat way.
Additionally there are plenty of decent Aussie ex pats there to socialise with when it suits me.

I served for 37 years in the Australian Army and a good slice of it overseas, USA, Canada and UK on exchange postings etc; but now at my age I've no interest anywhere else but SE Asia.

The most significant loss for me will be the free medical and dental cover if I relocate,  at this point in time I'm only thinking and exploring the "what if " scenarios,  if the girlfriend and I work out;  but any decision point will be at least a year or two if it does happen.

I can live well here on my own, but not if I hook up with a woman.   Currently I holiday in SE Asia 2 sometimes 3 times a year.

Looks like you've already looked in to it and know where you want to be. And it appears, know the pit-falls. I sense that part of the concern is the GF. If I were you I wouldn't get too serious with the relationship. If you hang out with the right crowd whether down under or in the Philippines, you should be able to meet someone that has even better "credentials". Meaning, women who come from families who would not care if you have $$$ or not because they come from self-sufficient families. Although, they will they definitely want their daughter with someone who can take care of her. Don't always assume that just bc you are an expat that every Pinay will trip over each other to grab you.

If it was 50 years ago, I would not hesitate living in the Philippines. But the population has gone up exponentially and so did the cost of living. You will have to lower your standards a bit to stretch your $$$. And as every expat here seems to point out - theres the crime element towards expats to watch for.

There's a fella on Youtube by the name of Bud Brown. May be he is a good one to consult with. Looks like he lives in Dumagete. Thats in the Island of Negros. Theres actually plenty of information from expats on youtube. Its interesting to watch.

I've been doing a lot of research and the more I read, the less I'm sure about retiring in Phils.

Steve here, Hi to all. Aussie guy on the Sunny Coast looking to move/semi retire/retire to our house in PH in under 2 years. (Bacnotan La Union).
Worked for 2 x 6 month stints with an international film company, met my partner in 2012, lived in a condo in Manila for 12 months after that. Moved back to Oz, partner now permanent resident in Oz.
Looking at SRRV as we should be able to convert deposit to 50 year lease from my better half. (good luck with that)
I am 58, will be self funded retiree, nary a pension for me it appears. Looking forward to a quieter life, family and friends.
I read all the negatives on this site and most other forums and though some are valid most gripe to no avail just to be heard. Personally I see the negatives are far outweighed by the positives hence choosing PH as my destination.

I have found some great information on this site and will continue to scour the archives.

Cheers, Steve.

Steve, La Union in general is a good area. One the provinces I would recommend. Ilocanos are good and practical ppl. Good farming land in Bacnotan. Not sure if cement plant is still there. San Fernando is ok but getting quite crowded. Just stay away from the big cities.

hi im new to the group ,im from wyoming in the U.S. ,ive been here almost a year now and my lease is almost up .anyone know of a good mover ? thankyou

Hi everyone,
                       I'm Tony, guy, 22 from India. I've done graduation in mechanical engineering.Can any one help me in getting a job in Philippines.. I'll be very glad if anyone come forward.

Thanks and regards,

Mover from where to where? US to Phil? Within the Philippines? A search in google will give you the information you need. I just tried it.

from one part of iloilo to another .thankyou

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