New members of the New Zealand forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the New Zealand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in New Zealand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi I am planning to move to NZ in the near future. It will be nice to meet new people.
Hoping to see the best of what my new home has to offer xx

Hi Folkes,
I have just signed up to try and find the best course of action to applying for a visa to NZ, I am 35  and my fiancé is 30 and we are looking to work and travel within NZ for 2 years approximately, with the intention of possibly Staying. WE are both degree qualified, Mechanical Engineer and Zoologist/ Environmental manager, both working in renewable industries with 8 and 5 years experience on top of various other working experience. I am unsure of the best visa application that we should take, and if to apply separately or together. If someone can point me in the direction of a thread to read or indeed give advise this would be great. We are looking to make the move at the end of the year.
Thanks Matt

Hi Matt,

My husband and I currently live in New Zealand.  My husband is a Mechanical Engineer.  We were able to get a skilled migrant visa based on his degree and experience, which also means we came in as residents.  I recommend looking into this option.  Here is a link to my blog which provides more information.  Hope it helps.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, as we're happy to help.


Hi Kirsty, thank you for getting in touch. Your link is under review right now so I cannot see it but I'm sure it will come through fine. Where is it you are based. I'm so keen to move from the UK as is my fiancé who it is easier for as she can go under the working visa should it come through. Any help or direction is great to receive. I have even been looking at the whole live in someone else's house option to garden clean etc for free board and food. Just to experience life out there more than a holiday.

Thanks Matt

Hi Matt,

My husband and I live in Christchurch.  We've been living here almost 18 months.   

It appears the link should be approved now  -  This is the story of our visa process.  I thought it may provide some insight since you indicated you were a mechanical engineer and also over the age of 30. 

We found the visa process to be pretty straightforward and found the New Zealand immigration website to be user-friendly.  Please be aware that criteria for the skilled migrant visa has changed since we applied so you will need to check online for the most recent criteria. 


Hi Kirsty,
Yes I believe it has although on the immigration site it appears to still be the same. Apparently you need 160 points now which is near impossible without a job offer. I can come on a 6 month holiday if need be. And just use savings..  going to get the application in next week and job hunting soon after.. if your husband knows of anything I would be grateful for a point in the direction.

Thanks again.

Hi All  :)

My name is Dominique my Fiance and I are both born and bred South Africans age 35 & 42 we are both hoping to be able to immigrate to New Zealand for a better and safer family life . We have a 7 year old little boy as well so the safety aspect is really a deciding factor for us. We love the Can do attitude of New Zealanders, the Climate, scenery and just so many different aspects. I joined this site to hopefully try and get a bit of a better understanding of how to go about things. I am currently employed as an intermediate life support paramedic, I know New Zealand has other medical requirements for this specific qualification. I have about 6 or more years administration experience in the health care sector . Currently my Fiance is a Coordinator for a provincial dispatch team in the fire fighting sector and is also studying disaster risk management. We both have various skills in other industries too namely English tutoring, tour guide experience, security management, Au pairing, call center experience. Any advice that can get passed along will be greatly appreciated.
Warm & friendly greetings from The Saffa's  :)

Hi there everyone, My name is Maureen and Hubby Shane Vermaak. Age 37 and 42. We have two daughters ages 11 and 13. We are both hoping to immigrate to NZ. We joined this site to hopefully see job offerings in the Petroleum industry. Shane is a National Operations Manager in the petroleum industry.  I am a Wedding Photographer. The way I see it is for him to get a job offering there. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
Warm Regards
Maureen and Shane

My name is Victor am a Nigerian living in Uae,but would love to move over to new Zealand. Am a cake decorator by training, I also have a BA in English/literature.So if there's any way I can be helped through this platform, I would be grateful.

Hello, I am planning to move to NZ in the near future, hope to get good help from this forum.

Hi everyone, I am new here, Just came here one week ago and until now everything has been fantastic. I am looking for a good private primary school for my daughter. Any recommendations?

Hi everyone, I am looking for jobs as a nanny, babysitter or fruit picking and packing. In every jobs I have experience and can give reverence. I am over 30, so I will go with another visa then work&travel.

You would definitely need the appropriate visa to work.
At present there is a large shortage of fruit pickers for the kiwi fruit harvest and so the Govt is allowing people on tourist visas to work at picking the kiwi fruit. The season is starting now.

Hello everyone! I'm hoping to immigrate to NZ with my family.  While searching for jobs I stumbled upon this forum. Based on what I've check with the recruitment agencies, many turned me down due to the fact that I do not have a visa and unfortunately I could not obtain a visa without a job offer. I hope there are some lucky ones who got their job offer.

hello everyone.i wana move to nz for do i proceed to get an offer letter?i have tried applying many places but no answer..i have a degree in biotechnology and have working experience as a medical lab tech...can someone please help me?

Kia Ora folks,

Moving to New Zealand is going to be one of my life's milestones. I fell in love with New Zealand after I have spent two months in Auckland back in 2011.

Loved the simplicity of life, laid back easy going people, the native culture and the breath taking landscape.

I am here to make friends, and get myself the support I need through my journey.


Hi Maureen and Shane,
Hope you guys are doing great. I was pleasantly surprised when I read got to know that Shane is from the oil and gas industry. Infact,  I have been working in an oil refinery since the last 10 years.

I am planning to apply for New Zealand PR.  I will greatly appreciate if Shane can share some information on opportunities in the petroleum industry.

Hi my name is Nic and my wife is Jenni 3 children between us 17,8,7 yrs old . i am nearly 40 and the wife is 38. i am a carpenter by trade with 5 yrs experience behind me. We have decided on moving to New Zealand . so i would like to hear back from anyone in the construction industry who can give me the low down on what its like from wages to work life balance.

Hi and welcome to the forum Nicol_Jen  :)

Average gross hourly rate for carpenter is NZ$25.41
Tax rates vary
For living costs

Also take the time to read through posts here in the forum for information.

Hi everyone! I am Yora and I am from Manila, Philippines.  I got accepted at a school in Wellington. I went there for a vacation last March and I loved it. I love cooking and I have always wanted to learn more skills for this. Therefore, I decided to study again, this time in culinary.

I am still in the process of applying for a student visa, which I hope will get approved. This will be the first time that I am going to be staying in another country (where I do not know anyone) for more than 3 months, so I am quite nervous.

I joined here hoping to make new friends in Wellington and get advice or tips from people who are relocating or have relocated to another country, whether permanently or for studies.

Hi All.. a new- bie :)  here.
Been in the country for 2yrs Now...still getting to know around as well as making friends.
lovely to stumble on this forum
Thank You.

Hi Nellie and welcome to the forum  :)

Hi expatriates

I am planning to take apprentice  for three years in New Zealand in the last of this year.
This very good chance to meet new people planning to move there.
I wish good chance and enjoy in wonderful New Zealand.

Good luck!

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