New members of the Kuwait forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

You are welcome in Kuwait always

Kuwait is a land where flows milk and honey

I m Dr to kuwait.
Waiting for some good friends.

Hi everyone! I'm a Kuwaiti American living in Kuwait. Looking to find a new job and/or do some tutoring, and hopefully make some friends here. I used to live in the NE US and used to teach in Japan. Holla at ya boy!

Hello i am a college student here in kuwait and i wanna look for a part time for me and i also give guitar tutors for beginners.

Wat part time u looking for


My name is Alfred, am new on this site, and was quite thankful that there is such a site where you can connect with your fellow expats who are new and have so many questions about the living conditions, laws and lifestyle of this country.

Though I came couple of years back here in Kuwait, but did not have much social life due to work.  But I guess, this is good stuff where I could learn a lot from others on this site.

I welcome all the newbies here on this site..


Kuwait flowing with milk and honey??  hahahhahaaa... nowadays flowing with dust and rain..

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