How can I get a job teaching English in Lyon?

Hi Everyone,

I'm American and will be moving to Lyon in September. I will have the proper work status by then.  Who, in Lyon, hires Americans to teach english? I would like to secure a job by the time I move there. I have a B.A. in International Studies from American University in Washington, DC.

I am told that I do not need TESL certification before moving there but I do not feel comfortable making that assumption. I plan to get certified in May.

Any suggestions or insights are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I am a scottish teacher in Lyon (the primary section in the International School of Lyon) as I am qualified as a Primary teacher. However, I take french lessons at Alliance Francaise. I think if you got in touch with them they might be able to help you find some english schools in Lyon. If not, you could contact some of the english speaking International Schools to ask for advice.


Thank you, Helene. Your information is very helpful.

Hi AchirHero,

You could check at INSA Lyon, it's a pretty big engineering school and there are a couple of american/irish/british teachers working there (I have been studying at INSA Lyon for the last 5 years ). email of the HR service is grh[at], and you can check out their web page but I'm not sure there is much information : … esearchers

You can also check other universities like Université Lyon 2, here is the webpage of the department of english language (but it's in french) :
and the secretary's email is :Nathalie.Dubois[at]

or Science Po lyon : (infos[at]


Thank you Shellyhowell and Ezechiel.  I will check out that website.

I really appreciate your responses.

you could try ILTC in Lyon. They don't need a TEFL.

Hello Helen,

Another primary teacher here. I am moving to Lyon in July. Could you help me with a couple of queries?

Is it too late to apply for jobs starting in September?

If not, where should I look? Is it acceptable to email CVs direct to the schools?

I'm a languages graduate (Cambridge University, French and German) with a PGCE in primary KS1/2. I'm currently middle management (Maths coordinator) and was appointed Assistant Head for this coming September. Unfortunately my other half's job (very niche scientific research) has moved to Lyon so we are relocating!

Any advice gratefully received!

Hi Shirley-Anne -

It's not unfortunate about the Lyon job your partner has. You're going to love it here...

The good news is that there are some schools in Lyon that are really ramping up their English provision and they lack native speakers with teaching qualifications. It's a bit of a long list to put up on a web forum, but if you want to get in touch offline I can send you links and contacts for the ones I know. I addition, I teach in a lycée with an exciting international programme: it feeds right down to primary level and I would be happy to put you in touch with the management about it.

Where will you be living?
Emily x

Amazing! Thanks Emily. Could you email me please?

I've already lived in Lyon and I love it! I speak good French and I'm excited - only said unfortunately from a rearranging work point of view!


To teach english in France you need to get diploma first and even with a diploma, it's really difficult to get a job...

Do you think that everybody needs this diploma first no matter what qualifications or previous experience he/she might have?
I am actually a non-native :) but I did my CELTA long time ago and have some experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Hi Emily,

I was just looking through a discussion regarding English teaching in Lyon. You made a response to Shirley Anne, that looked really helpful. I am moving over to Lyon this September, and am looking for work teaching English. I have a CELTA, though not much experience. (I'm actually in the middle of CELTA atm). Anyway was wondering if you had any useful advice on getting work in Lyon, whether private classes, or in a school. Any info would be much appreciated.

all the best

Luke FitzHerbert

Me too Emily!  if you choose to reply, please include me in any info provided, thanks so much!  Misha

Hi Emily,

How are you? Could you share information with me as well about teaching in Lyon?

I am a Malaysian and I am a graduate from Ireland (degree in Education) . I would like to work in Lyon because my French boyfriend is staying over there. I am looking for a job so that I can get a working visa and stay in Lyon legally.

Thanks a million.


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