IVF/ICSI treatment in saudi arabia.. any suggestion is a great help!

hi everyone.. i just want to know your ivf journey and any suggestion would be of great help.. i am trying to conceive for the past 2 years.. had an ectopic pregnancy last december 2016 resulting to removal of my left fallopian tube and my other tube has problem so accorting to my fertility doctor the only way to have kids is through IVF.. i have tried ICSI once but it was failed... i did it in obaid  and now we want to try it again (details below)... pls share ur journey to me it would be a good help.

start of treatment Aug 1- meds as follows (gonal f, cetrotide, cyclogest, dupaston..etc)
retrieval date: aug 12
date of transfer: aug 15,  (3-grade A embryos, frsh transfer)
result: failed
hospital: obaid fertility center
price: procedure: 10000 sr

Go see the Saudi German Hospital, one of the best in Riyadh. You can find it easily on MAPS or WAYS.
Good Luck.

Bnoon Center in Riyadh I suggest a great fertility consultant Dr. Mohammed Agdi. He is the best

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