Regarding vacation to country

Hi am from srilanka and working here as a teacher .so I want to go to my country for my medical needs and it's only for 5 days .so when I ask my sponsor she will not accept to go because still I didn't complete my one year so can I go without her knowledge for five days and come back to work before it's start so I need to know when am leaving the airport will she able to know that am exit from this country .please reply me as soon .

you have to inform sponser because if your sponser don't know may be they inform you that u leave like that its not legal

Can't we pass the airport without sponsor's permission?

yes u can go without sponsor permission as long as you have the passport

Thanks .Yes I have my passport and it's only for 5 days .so it won't be problem right.thank u once again.

yes, it wont be problem, but hope so in this five days your sponsor dont contact you..otherwise after u came back your sponsor may be angry on you....

Yeah and I hope that she won't contact me because it's our holiday .and am praying that to be .

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