ADIOS for a short bit

Ok my wife says I need a life as I am spending too much time on the boards.  So I am going to pull a Planner and take a  break for a bit.  We are going to do a bit of traveling and just hanging out together.  So no boards for a a while.  I will still check emails and PMs but as to the day to day postings I will be taking a break.  As we used to say in Tennessee  see "all you all" in a bit.  Stay happy and healthy and I will be back soon.

Bob K

Have a great trip! Hope to get together when you get back!

Enjoy your break  honey, it did me a world of good. I will be here, holding down the fort.

Hugs to your lovely wife for me!

Safe travels Bob....Enjoy your vacation. :cool:

our wife is a smart woman. I will miss the occasional sparring over the differences in opinions, but shall survive until your return. Be safe and enjoy the new insights that are bound to enlighten you. Looking forward to new jousts.  Have fun, eat well & laugh a lot!

Take care!!!

Enjoy your time together. Maybe we can put names to faces in February when Robert and I come to visit. Take care.

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