ANB car lease

Hi everyone, i need your advise regarding my car, this month January 2018 is the last payment of my car then there is balloon payment of 9700 sar. Before the agent told me that i can refinance the balloon payment once i have completed the 60 months term, but last week when i come to ANB to inquire about my payments he said that this is your last month and you need to pay the balloon in cash plus tax!!! I was shocked and i couldn’t believe what he’d just said. I also talk to another guy from the office and he said the same thing, i need to pay 9700 plus tax plus transfer plus insurance a total of almost 13k sar! i was so upset that there is no any option, they are so unfair. Does anyone has the same issue? can i just surrender the car instead of paying 13k???

What is the value of car in market?
Speak to their superior, last payment can be changed to installments. Maybe there are tricks being played for you to surrender your car.
Regarding tax, you need to refer to website and check.
If they insist on final payment ask for revised contract and make sure tax figures are clearly mentioned. Verify it through commerce and trade.

Thank you for your reply, I’ve just come to ANB earlier today and it was as usual a bad day! waiting for more than 4 hours, the saudi agents were so slow and they pause everytime to fix their head scarfs dont know whats the name of it, drink tea and ofcourse cellphone!!! They said it was there new policy that below 10k sar you could not pay for installment it should be in cash! they give me until 4th of March to settle this ir else they will tow the car and i have to pay 2thousand sar for that plus penalty. I need to find money soon to settle this am so tired going to this Bank.

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