Social activities in Kuwait

Hi everyone!

I'm a 27 yr old Belgian freelancer working for a couple of months in Kuwait.

As a fairly social guy I find it frustrating to spend one evening after the other in my hotel room.

Could you guys give me some places to go or tips to have a good time, have a good meal or meet other expats or locals?


It's tough man, I feel your pain.  I think I logged 4 months in the Radisson before I finally moved out. 

Where are you staying and what do you like to do?   

The trick is to just get out.  After that it all falls in the inshallah category.  For me it didn't even matter what I was doing.  Sometimes I just walked in one direction for a ridiculous amount of time.  Sometimes I'd meet someone along the way.  I'm a huge sucker for dogs and cars and I'm not afraid to approach the owners of either.  99% of the time they're happy to talk, sometimes they tell you about a related event and you meet more people there.  One day I sat on the wall at the marina crescent, just watching the sun go down behind the city skyline and I met a photographer who was trying 360deg photos for the first time. 

On the subject of cars and dogs:  Did you know there was a car/motorcycle show going on at the 360 mall this week?  It might be worth checking out.  Or if animals are your thing, head out to the big petzone (shewaikh?) on Friday around 1pm.  Kareq8 does adoption days and it's a group of young guys/girls that all foster animals.  They'd be happy to have someone new to chat with.  They usually stay until 5pm or so and sit around and drink coffee.  They have an instagram account if you're interested, or I can send you a phone number of one of the organizers.

Thanks for your reply,

I work in the Avenues mall and I'm staying at the IN & OUT hotel (near block 13)

Work is 6/7 and from 7AM to about 8-9PM

That's some good tips you gave me there, thanks!

Is there no real gathering place or bar or hotel where Western Europeans or Americans or.... come together on a regular base?

One of the hotel employees gave me an adress at the beach, about 20 minutes by taxi (don't have it with me)  where there are some good coffee shops. Think I'll check it out tonight.

Not that I know of, but I'm old and have kids so I'm kind of boring like that :)  I will say that this place is absolutely terrible when it comes to advertising events online.  Most of the activities I find are by word of mouth, coworkers, etc. 

Check out the marina crescent on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.  It's a beach right across from the marina mall.  I see expat groups out there doing things from time to time (very mixed crowd, and lots of fun to people watch).  Plenty of coffee shops there too.   Last time I was there, there was a group of westerners playing volley ball on the beach.  I bet you'd have no problem getting a game or two.  (if you're facing the water, the volleyball courts are on the beach to the right.  Almost as far right as you can go).  There's also a set of ramps for bikes/skateboards, and lots of people just having picnics, playing chess or cards, etc.

I hear that there are fancy car gatherings at the Kuwait towers every Friday/Saturday but have yet to make the trip to go see for myself.

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