Hi I am thinking of moving from England to Spain (not sure where) and would like to make contact with someone living in Spain to be able to ask all sorts of questions. I am looking to buy a small villa and move there with my 2 dogs. Any help would be most welcome.   Shaun

ask away that is what this forum is all about.

Is there any laws regarding dogs, can you get prescription drugs from a Pharmacy,

Usually our vet gives us a note to go to the pharmacy with as human medicine is cheaper than the equivalent animal version. But I suppose that way of working would depend on the way a vet works and your relationship with him. Ours has been exceptional and after attending various vet meetings has found an answer for us which is either more effective or cheaper .
To be honest thinking when we moved that this was one Europe has not proven to be the case. Laws in Spain is very different to those in other EU countries.

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