fly back to my homeland phil with 1month expiring

this is my problem my passport will expire april 18 2018 and my vacation will be march 4 2018.please give me a clear advice .i plan to renew it in my in saudi now.tanx

Don't worry, going back to your home country will not be a problem. Validity of passport not less than 6months is important when you are leaving your own country. Otherwise, it is not an issue at all. So calm down and get all your things ready for your vacation!

To put your mind at ease, i myself went back to the Philippines with a passport valid for less than six months. I passed the check in counter and Saudi immigration without any fuss at all. So i enjoyed my vacation and had my passport renewed at the nearest DFA office in our area.

Good luck!

thank you for ur great information bro..have a nice day.

You are welcome!

Just make sure it's a direct flight...via any other country might deny you.

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