free vaccination

anyone here know the place or exact address for free vaccination for the new born baby..
hope someone know it..
thank you..god bless

hello again..
regarding my post about free vaccination..
my area s sulemania..hope somebody knows the area..


Free Vaccination...

If your baby 2 months below, you should go to Maternity & child Government hospital (near Fahad govt. hospital) and show him baby vaccination card for help to place of vaccination area.

if your baby above 2 month then you should go to near area your home PHC center (check google map).

Hello all!

Due to the situation in Saudia, anyone can easily vaccinate their babies in any area here by paying a fees of 5O SR. to free health services (coz sometimes the vaccines are short and the cost is for checkup etc. of baby)

if there is no free health center in ur area, try any other area. i'm sure there will be no problem! especially when expats are paying!

Try free health centers in Rowdah and Qurtabah area (timings are fom 8AM to 2PM) for all healthcenters

Google it in arabic by writing : Markaz sahi fil Riyadh
مركز صحي في الرياض

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