looking for a doctor

hello everybody

my name is nwabisa, im currently visiting in France and im living in Reims, Champagne-Ardenne.
I am looking for a doctor that knows how to speak English as I dont know or understand french.
please recommend one for me the Name of the Doctor and the GPS location of their office or the telephone number to call.

Thank you

Hi I don’t live near you in France or know the area, but if you google search doctors in your area and call or email, many receptionists speak English or may know enough to help & find out whether the doctor will speak English. I have found more often than not that most French medical professionals speak English very well. Best of luck

You will find as Charisdaxter has rightly said that most French doctors will speak English and the younger they are, all will. You will also find that the Pharmacists will also speak English. As you are in a popular area you will have no trouble in finding one.

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