English speaker babysitter in Tehran

Hi everyone
Would you tell me that how can I find a trustworthy & joyful native english speaker babysitter in Tehran?
I need her only 3 days a week.if anybody can help me to find such a person please let me know...

Thank you

This is not likely to be easy as so many westerners have a bad opinion of that country and politicians of many sorts are doing not a lot to improve the problems.
That all means there are few expats in Iran so your hunt is unlikely to come to much.

However, good luck and, if you manage, share the good news here.

Hi fred,
It’s not because that people have bad opinions, it’s just because our country doesn’t give tourists visa or immigration to everyone easily!
Our country has had an old & precious culture, and there is nothing to have bad opinion about Iranian people, there is only politician issues.
I just asked if anyone knows or can advise for native english speaker babysitter no need to your explanation about something else!

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