Thinking about coming for a few months

Hello everyone,

I'm in Canada, Québec city, I'm a guy, 27 y, and I'm thinking about coming to Tunis at Institut Bourguiba des langues vivantes to learn some arabic for 2 months.

So I wanted to know, does anyone have some experience in learning in Tunis, how is it ? Does anyone know if that university is good ?

Secondly, how much does an apartement costs ? Not a big one, a small one in a good area ?
I can't find that information online.

And how's life there when you travel alone like me ? Is it easy to integrate and have a social life ?

Thanks :)

U will be one of the few *Quebequois*
Who doesn't speak French 😮

Et si vous Le faites..tout sera facile

Don't overthink it
It's 2 months for god sake   It's not like ur going to Alaska for drilling 6 months @a time.  Lol

haha Hello Ozitoun , je parle français aussi :P

Pourriez-vous m’éclairer sur les questions spécifiquement pour l'université et les coûts ? Cela m'aidera à me préparer un budget.

Merci :)

Apartment prices varry wildly here. Try the French version of Craigslist; it's something like I know I didn't spell it right can someone correct me?
Tunis is very welcoming to foreigners and I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.
The trash in the streets and the feral cats is shocking and I've been here two years and I've yet to get over it.
That said the city of Tunis is amazing. The history here is fantastic! If you get a chance listen to the podcast Hard-core History about the Punic wars. It will have you itching to come explore the ruins and get to know this history rich land.
Tunisia is small enough that you can go for a weekend to each major city. Every region has it's own unique story to tell.
I'm an American by the way and I feel at home in this land. You'll find out quickly you are more than welcome here :)

haha thanks! I'm indian by origin actualy, I look like an arab :)

Any area that you would recommend renting in Tunis ?

Sorry. I cannt.  I moved on
I live in Monte-Carlo now
Just do it.  For 2 months where's the big deal?
U gonna experience a 3rd world country 1st hand...adjust, live it up for what it is...
Good luck.

Sorry I don't know the area as well as some but you might want to look for a Facebook group about foreigners in Tunis. The group's have a lot more activity than this website and they usually have people who are renting or know someone who is!

Just type in long or short term
Rentals in Tunisia . Souss is much  cheaper  then Tunis  hammer is also fair rent but contact the agances who deal with rental . I am homing our in March for my job  .iv been twice to sousse people are nice .

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