Needing a cleaner or cook?

Hi everyone!

I'm Mae from Philippines and my parents are both in Thailand looking for job opportunity. I wonder if anyone could help them. My parents, are really hard working people. I assure you that! :) My mom and dad can both clean your houses and cook if you are in need of assistant cook or assistant in the kitchen or restaurant. My dad can also deliver food. They can also do house sitting by taking care of your house while you're traveling or working abroad.

Please just message me if you need them. I'll gladly send their cvs and resume.

Thank you everyone! I hope this post will be able to help our family.


The Land of Smiles is a fairly large country.  Where are your parents located?  That would be a start.

You would also probably get more interest by posting this in the "jobs" section of the forum.

Good luck to your family.

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