Does anyone have info about jarabacoa they could share?
Grocery stores?

Lots of info on Google about Jarabacoa, it's a good start. If you have more questions about living here, or visiting, I'll be glad to help!

Thanks, Michita (by the way, (I love that name)
I'll br visiting in March and April.
Will probably need lots and lots of info.
Would love to pm you, but don't how?

Click on Michita's name and you will have the option to message.

Start reading the forums, there is lots and lots of info on here.

You're a doll!

Quick question...do the rural areas such as jarabacoa have less crime than the coastal/beach locations?   I like the idea of living inland in the mountainous areas but am a little worried about possibility of more crime (breakins or serious crime)  since it’s more isolated.

That, and also hoping, less traffic (I hope!, I hope!)

Question for Lunica, Texas & all the others concerned with crime here in the DR: Have you been a direct victim of a crime?  I don't mean vandalism or car break ins, I mean a serious felony.   If not, you will probably continue unblemished living here.

In the smaller communities everyone knows everyone else.  There is less crime in those types of settings. BUT you still have to live smart. And yes of course, less traffic.

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